June 22, 2024

Canada Dedicated Server

Canada Dedicated Server

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Canada Dedicated Server Plans – Onlive Server

A dedicated server located in Canada can benefit your company in a variety of ways, including increased performance, security, and control. Additionally, a dedicated server can be tailored to your company’s unique requirements. So, Onlive Server is a great option if you’re seeking a site to get your Canada Dedicated server. Along with many other services, we provide a large selection of Canada-dedicated servers. Our team will collaborate with you to make sure you have the appropriate dedicated server for your requirements at a reasonable cost.

Who can use a server in Canada?

You can use a server in Canada if your company has an online presence. This is due to the fact that a Canadian server will be used to host your website. This will result in faster loading times and improved performance for European visitors to your website. Furthermore, as Google gives preference to websites that are hosted in the nation where the searcher is situated, employing a server in Canada can help you enhance your search engine rating. Additionally, members or customers that reside in Canada will get a far speedier connection than they otherwise would. All in all, hosting your website on a server located in Canada can have a positive impact on your business. It is critical to pick the best service in order to benefit from these advantages. In order to help you grow your business, Onlive Server provides high-quality Dedicated Servers at competitive costs.

What benefits will I get from a server in Canada?

Dedicated servers from Onlive Server Canada have a lot of advantages that might enhance the functionality of your website. One is the fact that our servers are situated in a nation with excellent internet infrastructure. This implies that users from around the world will be able to access your website more quickly. Additionally, our team of professionals offers 24/7 support for our servers. Therefore, we are always available to you if you have any queries or need assistance with anything. Whether it’s a straightforward task like creating an email account or a more challenging one like updating the software on your server. To ensure that everything is set up and working properly, we’ll be there for you at every stage. Regardless of what you require, we can help. That is why a large number of clients select us for their Dedicated Server requirements.

Where is the best place to find a service provider in Canada?

Onlive Server is the ideal resource for locating a service provider in Canada. They provide a wide range of services, including dedicated servers ideal for companies of all sizes. Additionally, they offer excellent customer service and are always there to assist you with your needs. Look no further than Onlive Server if you’re seeking for a strategy to reduce your expenses or just want something straightforward like a cheap hosting package. Those who want just the essentials without all the hassle have excellent options. And if you’re a programmer, you can obtain your own virtual private server here so you can work from anywhere in the globe or from home! In addition to offering limitless bandwidth and quick web hosting, they also offer live assistance every single day. Along with domain registration, you can find that here. Additionally, they accept bank transfers, PayPal, and credit cards.

Operating System Options

With Cheap Dedicated Server hosting, you have the same flexibility with operating systems as you do with control panels. You have a variety of operating systems to choose from, including Windows OS and Linux (Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, CentOS), depending on your preference for control panels.

SSH Root Access

Each dedicated server from the company comes with full SSH level access. Therefore, you are free to make any adjustments and customizations that are required. Additionally, you can set up custom software or applications based on your needs. Additionally, you can quickly uninstall or remove any unwanted or useless software from your server.

Complete Customization Flexibility

With a dedicated server, you may select only the resources your website actually requires from a large selection. As a result, you can build a customized server and include the tools and services you need. Additionally, you can delete any third-party apps, scale up your bandwidth requirements, expand storage space, and do a lot more with the addition of resources.

Quality of Service

The quality of service offered by dedicated servers is second to none. It ensures that your data will be secure and protected against any type of hacks or attacks. The servers are backed by strong security measures that ensure maximum security while ensuring the smooth functioning of your website at all times.


  • Unlimited Bandwidth       
  • 24/7/365 Technical Support     
  • Free Domain Name With Website Setup 
  • Free Email Setup (with any domain) 
  • Free Domain Registration           
  • Free WHOIS Privacy Protection 
  • Free SSL Certificate 
  • Managed Server Hosting            
  • Dedicated IP address 
  • 100% Dedicated Resources


  • A Canada dedicated server can offer you a lot of storage space.
  • You can also get a lot of bandwidth with a dedicated server.
  • If you need a lot of email accounts, a dedicated server can give you what you need.
  • You will also have more control over your website with a dedicated server.
  • Site Speed and Bandwidth
  • We offer the best site speed and bandwidth for your hosting needs. All of our servers are configured with SSD drives, which provide blazing fast loading times for your websites and applications. You can expect to have low latency and high throughput on all of our servers.


You have better security with Canada Dedicated Server, which is also a dependable and safe dedicated server provider. To provide you with the finest performance for your Dedicated Server Hosting needs, we only employ the highest quality hardware. Our technology and infrastructure are prepared to help whether you are managing a game server, website, marketplace, or any other type of e-commerce business. Onlive Server has a great reputation with our customers because of its high quality, first-rate service, and affordable pricing.